Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sandals and Sunburns.

  Week one has flown by with much beauty and excitement and we are well into week two. On Saturday our team thought it would be an adventure to walk from Nazareth to Cana on "The Jesus Trail". We ended up walking for 6 hours (getting lost twice) and arriving in Cana with a whole new perspective on travelling by foot. I must say, that I had never given much thought to the amount that Jesus and the Disciples traveled. The Bible always seems to make the journeys sound so easy and simple: "and then they went to a Wedding in Cana". It almost sounds as if Mary and Jesus just took a train there but after walking for 6 hours in the hot Middle Eastern sun to a town that by bus (we did bus back) is only 20 minutes away, I suddenly have a new respect and awe for the price of the journey to get anywhere in this land. As we walked along and saw fields of wheat or felt the hot sun burning through our layers of sunscreen, so many of the parables and stories of the New Testament came to life. Suddenly passages seem tangible and when put in the context of the land and the people: the gospels are no longer just stories but rather I feel as if I am living and breathing them. There is the overwhelming feeling here that it is a privilege to be apart of this faith, it is a privilege to know a God that is so real and present. 

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